We offer small group class sizes to ensure everyone obtains individualized attention.


Training small groups of six people offers the benefits of group training while receiving personalized attention and progression. To ensure a monthly spot and provide smaller class sizes, these classes require a section sign up as classes are programmed to maximize your body's ability to function in all planes of motion with continuous week-to-week progression.  

Benefit from the unique sports medicine education in biomechanics, injury management/prevention, and performance training integrated into the design and execution of your workouts. 


Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. 

In a 1-hour class, you will begin to work on building healthier joints to train for what you like to do most. In focusing on building better functioning joints, we create healthier and more durable tissue. In this group format, each participant has the opportunity to utilize movement as both a screening process and training opportunity. 

We cannot prevent all injury but we can improve our body’s ability to handle awkward positions, increase tissue capacity, and close the gap between passive and active range of motion. 

In this group format, you have the opportunity to discover where the leaks are and instead of patching them (i.e. avoiding those movements or patterns) we can actually work to improve them. 

Whether your preference is the mountains, the road, the weight room, yoga studio, or home gym, this movement class can help to meet your own personal intentions.