Assessment ($80). Initial assessment includes a complete evaluation of main moving joints in the body, locomotion, movement patterns (squat, lunge, step, hinge), and flexibility.

Manual Therapy ($45). Manual therapy session includes: soft tissue manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, active & passive range of motion modalities, and alternative lymphatic and neurotransmitter techniques.

Corrective Exercises ($75). Personal program designed utilizing basic lifting principles, controlled articular rotations (CARs), progressive and regressive angular isometric loading (PAILS/RAILS), flexibility, and additional loading/strength.

Home Exercise Programs ($50). Continued communication via email or phone, usage of Unify training facility during โ€˜offโ€™ hours, and virtual exercise training platform for home exercises via app.

*Optional add on for nutritional recommendations ($45). Ask for additional information or to discuss various nutritional coaching options.


Sessions provide an opportunity to create improved movement through hands on manual therapy and a progressive exercise program. Ideal for individuals recently or prematurely discharged from formal physical therapy, these 1-on-1 sessions include hands-on manual therapy, corrective and traditional strength routines to address your needs, as well as your goals.

Pain management patients or those looking to improve how their body functions following injuries. Certified and academically trained in the areas of orthopedics, injury management, emergency medical services, and physical rehabilitation.


Progressive exercise programs written to meet your individual goals. 


Hands-on manual therapy that combines traditional massage therapy with advanced manual techniques. Manual treatment provides a wide-range of benefits, allowing utilization in various capacities prior to, during, or after activity.  Sessions expands on the traditional tissue-only treatment approach and looks to treat on its kinetic chain.


Traditional total-body massage sessions with an emphasis in therapeutic-based treatment. All sessions begin with an evaluation administered by a licensed sports medicine health care professional, looking to ensure proper techniques are administered to your specific condition. 


Hourly Rate: $75/hour

Session Package Rate: 5-pack: $70/hour; 10-pack: $65/hour

1/2 sessions: $45

**All private sessions require a 24-hour cancellation to avoid complete session charge**