What does a Unified session look like?

A unified session treats the musculoskeletal system by utilizing various advanced manual techniques in conjunction with functional movement. Sessions begin with an initial evaluation. This assessment will provide the foundation for all techniques applied. From there, potential manual techniques include traditional soft-tissue, active/passive stretching and joint mobilizations, Mulligan's mobilisation with movement, muscle energy, and static/dynamic cupping, and instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization. This is then ideally followed-up with postural/corrective exercise driven from data collected during initial evaluation and session, along with the goals of the individual. 

The sessions not only help to improve tissue quality, but also improve efficient and effective movement through the utilization of functional exercise. Manual treatment holds a wide-range of benefits, allowing for it to be utilized in various capacities (i.e. prior to activity as a performance enhancement, post-activity to expedite the recovery process, or therapeutically, to allow for full-body benefit from potential current or underlying injuries). It expands on the traditional tissue-only treatment approach and looks to treat the body as the kinetic chain that it is.

Shauna Brown